I am so grateful to have been referred to Keith Pledger.

My husband and I recently entered that magical age of applying for Medicare with all it's complex options. Keith went above and beyond to help sort out the plans that were specifically best for each of us.

Keith is amazing! He's a great communicator and extremely detail oriented. He took the time to explain all the various aspects, and was patient to review things not only once, but a second and third time until I was able to catch on to the Medicare system; he was reassuring and never made me feel slow or inadequate. He immediately put me at ease, and meticulously guided us through each and every step of the process.

When I began the Medicare application journey, I had no idea how complicated it would be, so I was relieved to have someone as professional and informed as Keith to help us navigate the minutiae. Not only did he answer our questions promptly, he even anticipated questions we would have in the next steps and kept the procedure moving right along so we could meet our deadlines.

We are now successfully signed up and highly recommend Keith. He has consistently surpassed the excellent qualities of a 5-star agent!  

- Geri P.


 At my age I have dealt with many insurance agents, but never one as committed and thorough as Keith Pledger. I finally understand what my coverage is, what my benefits are, what choices I have - and that is thanks to him. I'll gladly refer him to my friends.  
- Ruben H.


 I am oh so grateful to have been referred to Keith Pledger for my insurance needs. Keith went above and beyond to help me with a Medicare supplement far superior to the one a previous agent used. Keith is extremely detail-oriented, patient, and a great communicator. He took the time to explain all aspects of my new policy and made me so comfortable from our first contact. What a relief!  
- Peggy D.


 What can I say about Keith Pledger? He is the most knowledgeable broker about Medicare and another insurances. He is very client oriented, very patient, and a great listener. He is professional and courteous, he answered all my questions even if a asked the same question 5 times. I would definitely refer him.  
- Beti C.


 If you are feeling stressed, confused and uninformed about Medicare options, just breathe, and go see Keith, who is exceptional in providing you with the perfect medical plan. He knows all the facts and will guide you through the maze with patience, kindness, and in-depth knowledge of what Medicare plan best fits you. He gets things done! He helped my brother and me to receive awesome health plans for the coming year and opened our eyes with much needed Medicare education. You will be happy and relieved, all signed up, by the time you walk out his door. I can't say enough good about this friendly down-to-earth yet professional guy.  
- Maggie B


 Keith Pledger has been just great to work with. He always answers all of our questions and responds very quickly whenever we have any changes or items that need to be addressed.  
- Virginia H.


 Keith Pledger responded to our request for assistance in a very timely manner. In fact, he was the only agent to be so prompt. He is very customer oriented, professional and courteous. His knowledge concerning our Medicare needs was outstanding. We trust him implicitly and feel we can call on him any time when/should the need arise. Thank you, Keith  
- Penelope D.


 Keith has been nothing but attentive and professional in every way. All of my questions were answered promptly and completely. I was navigated through very unfamiliar territory by a competent professional and am extremely relieved to know Keith is my Medicare broker.  
- Steve G


 Working with Keith Pledger has been wonderful! He explained in detail how the type of insurance we needed worked and found the policy that was best for our needs. He has been very responsive when we had questions or issues. I would definitely refer him, and have referred him, to our friends and neighbors who are looking for someone to assist them with understanding Medicare and supplemental insurance. 
- Janice C


 Keith is very easy to deal with. He is friendly and thorough. He is knowledgeable about both Medicare and other medical insurance. He is responsive and communicates complicated issues in a simple manner. He is very helpful to my unique situation.  
- Mike P


 Keith has been a great help as I navigate my first year of Medicare, et.al. He has readily responded to every one of my inquiries in a timely manner and has demonstrated the utmost in customer service. I have told many of my friends approaching this age that I have a guy who can help them with whatever needs they may have. Keith is that guy!  
- Jon Nettinga


 Keith has always been helpful beyond expectations. In the beginning he came to my house, and worked out my insurance according to my needs and desires. When my needs changed, he actually called the primary doctors involved and reworked my plan to give me the best results. I have made several calls during the last two years, and he was always ready with the right answers to help me out. I have recommended his office to many of my friends and he was very helpful to them. They were very pleased. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  
- Joe Winder


 I just love the service Keith has provided me since signing up for a Medicare health plan with him. I had a billing issue I couldn't get resolved for several thousands of dollars. I called Keith and he went above and beyond to get to the bottom of this situation. He made several phone calls, and in conclusion the situation was resolved with no cost to me. He really works that hard for you!  
- Yvonne


 Keith's exceptional knowledge of Medicare programs and the available health care insurance plans made the process of transitioning our employer group medical coverage simple. He listened to us, educated us, and made sure that we understood all of our options before we made our decisions. Afterward he followed up with us to be sure we got what we signed up for. He continues to quickly respond to our calls when questions arise, and has the answers. Thank You, Keith!  
- Roger & Yolanda L.


 Greetings, We would like to inform you that Keith Pledger was very friendly, knowledgeable, and guided us to a plan that would provide just the coverage we needed. We were very pleased to have his services and he has kept in touch with keeping us posted. Without reservation we would recommend him to anyone!! Cordially, Mike & Jane  
- Mike & Jane Scott


 We were so fortunate to be introduced to Keith by our daughter Julie last year. We needed to find a insurance company that would allow us to choose our specialist. We were with Kaiser for 32 years and were happy with them, but needed more options. At the final hour of qualification, on the last day of open enrollment, Keith worked quickly to get Paul insured. He was going to need a very complicated back/spine surgery which Kaiser would not be able to perform. Keith reviewed our Medicare benefits, advised us, and found us the perfect fit. Blue Shield Medicare Supplemental Insurance, so far the only out of pocket expense has been $20 for parking at Hoag Hospital for 5 days. I will be turning 65 next June and will contact Keith for help and advice in setting me up with my Medicare health plan. We have every confidence that Keith is knowledgeable about all aspects of the Medicare health plan insurance business. We highly recommend him!  
- Paul & Toni Lopiccolo


 Keith has been, and continues to be, a great help with explaining the various aspects of Medicare and providing me from the beginning - the tools on which Medicare health plan programs were the right fit for me to be enrolled in. Keith assisted me in making changes to my provider and helping me with all the in's and out's of what can be really confusing. He has always been ready to go the extra mile to explain the various sections of my United Health Care Medicare Advantage Plan including the prescription drug coverage which can be very confusing. The other very important service he provided me was the initial help in filling out the large amount of the forms to become part of Medicare and qualify for private insurance with the United Health Care group. I would recommend Keith to anyone thinking of joining a Medicare health plan.  
- Peter Donahue


 I have received, and continue to receive, (above and beyond) excellent client care from Keith Pledger in regard to selecting and servicing my Medicare health plan. Keith's customer service and follow up are unsurpassed by any agent I have ever worked with. I recommend Keith's services to anyone and everyone looking for a knowledgeable, dedicated, thorough, and patient Medicare advisor. Keith is extremely personable and always has demonstrated the unsurpassed excellent qualities of the 5-star agent that he is. Call Keith, I promise you won’t be disappointed! 
- Denise L. Tobin


 Keith did a great job helping me set up my Medicare I couldn't have done it without him. He spent a lot of time with me going over all the questions I had and gave me all the answers I needed. I recommended him to a couple other people. They've called me and thanked me for the referral and tell me they think he's a great asset. 
- Thomas Skalla


 Keith Pledger is our agent who has walked with us very slowly through this process of retirement, guiding us with his complete knowledge of retirement applications. He was very informative and took his time explaining the differences with each plan. When he was done we then had a clearer understanding of each plan and were able to chose the right one for us. I cannot recommend anyone more knowledgeable then Keith and I have advised my friends that they should use him as their agent. 
- Rick Gillett


 I am writing this review to let others know what a great experience we had with our agent Keith Pledger. Keith came to our home to explain all the options when it was time for us to set up our Medicare insurance. He went over all the options for a supplemental plan, explained everything in great detail and addressed all our concerns. We were able to decide what was best for us and what fit our budget with Keith's help. We highly recommend Keith Pledger to help you when it comes to understanding the process of Medicare insurance and all the supplemental options available.  
- Mary Gillett


 I turned 65 yrs old this year and being a cancer survivor was concerned about losing my PPO health insurance. Having had breast cancer I needed to make sure I maintained quality health insurance. Keith Pledger went above and beyond to make this happen. Keith Pledger spent a great amount of time getting to know me and my health needs and helped me obtain excellent coverage designed for my specific situation. I highly recommend you give him a call and a chance to help you understand all your options. Keith continues to check in with me and make sure I have no problems or questions. He's great. I can guarantee you will be happy with his service! 
- Bonnie S.